We have been working with Italian and international leading shoe companies for over 40 years and that allows us to be able to examine project details and customers’ requirements carefully.
Our staff is highly specialized and we make use of CAD-CAM projecting, CNC machining as well as mould testing machines.
By matching experience of our tradition along with the best technology employment we can produce high-performance and accurate moulds.

Casual/classic direct-injected items, Direct-injected safety items, Direct-injected items provided with inserts.

Football soles, Golf and cycling soles, Flippers

Boots and galoshes, Outsoles, Slippers and EVA items

Rubber flooring and stair tiles moulds, Fan EVA blades, Rubber soles and heels cutting moulds, Polyurethane expanded foams moulds – car industry

We produce moulds for each kind of machine and suitable for every type of material available on the market.

On over forty years activity our company has been creating any kind of moulds for footwear, by acquiring technology and necessary competence to manufacture high quality and complex moulds.
We can therefore manufacture moulds for single/two or three colours football soles with inserts, studs and counter heel; moulds for golf and cycling soles, for safety and heavy-duty boots, for galoshes.
In the field of direct injection using rapid prototyping together with technological know-how and modern machining centres, we can manufacture moulds for outsoles going onto upper having extreme design.
All that makes moulds manufacture quite more complex, needing toolings up in the forefront of our sector and peculiar capability as well.

Technical features of your machine, a last or a sample shoe, upper thickness, sole drawing.

We have 5-6 axis and 5 sided simultaneous set-up machining centres equipped with CNC and multi-direction high speed rotating tables, indispensable to perform quick tool changing.
Spindles by 18.000/up rph speed allow high speed cutting milling with an accurate standard of finishing.
Automatic pallet-change systems allow a mass-production of complex moulds, by fully automated working with a productive cycle of 24 hours/clock.
In addition to these modern working centres, we make use of traditional milling machines, essential to carry out supplementary manufacturing onto moulds together with our technicians’ experience, always the strength of our company.

You ought to supply us with a sole drawing or a sample shoe.
Due to variety of footwear moulds we can’t quote prices without a rough idea about what you intend carrying out.

We have polyurethane pouring/injection lab machines which allow us to mould and test all soles and direct injected moulds onto upper, press machines for rubber moulding and vertical injection machine for thermoplastic materials.
We can test moulds with inserts and moulds composed by different material parts in order to get an output entirely similar to the production one.



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