Apego can project and manufacture every kind of moulds for footwear.
Founded in 1966 after reorganization of a former company and thanks to the passion of its founder, Apego is proud to offer its customers a superb heritage in experience, knowledge and technical know-how acquired throughout 40 years.


Apego kept on with growing becoming a landmark in high-tech footwear moulds industry. 90% of its production is exported in more than 20 countries and its customers are Italian and international leading shoe manufacturing Companies.

Apego means tradition and innovation, efficiency and quality: a reality coming from experience and investment in the best productive technologies.

A skilled staff together with high-tech machines allow Apego to interact with its customers during all mould working process, from project development till its fulfilment, supplying a full service: consultancy, cad-cam planning, rapid prototyping, CNC machining and mould testing, are necessary to obtain a profitable co-operation in reaching excellent results.


A careful understanding of our customer’s requirements is a well-done job starting off.
Forty years working closed to the best brands of footwear sector, a strong technological investment and a constant attention towards fashion factor allow Apego to have a capability in “problem solving”, today essential in carrying out complex projects and as a consequence of that manufacturing high quality and precision moulds.

Apego’s strength is its ability in supplying services besides product.
Consultancy word assumes, at our company, a concrete meaning: ideas, advices and technical specifications are offered in order to support customer in every decision, on the purpose of achieving excellent results.


Rapid prototyping applied to footwear field allows Apego to produce early stage concept models in very few hours, by using 3D CAD data of mould directly.
Such an innovative technology lets company reduce time and production costs of sample moulds getting a considerable lowering of “time to market”.
Our customer has the opportunity to look over design and feasibility of its own projects before carrying them out, having a further and important action capability during the most delicate stage of mould making: development.


Apego has machine tool digitising systems effecting 3D scanning of patterns, allowing to speed up gathering of necessary data for cad-cam planning.


Drawing planning by 2D CAD allows to prepare a 3D pattern.
After customer’s approval, all necessary data for sample mould production are ready.


By employing cad data and 5-6 axis CNC machining centres it is possible to speed up production time and manufacture high precision and complex moulds.
Apego has 5-6 axis and 5-6 sides simultaneous set-up machining centres equipped with CNC and multi-direction high-speed rotating tables, essential to perform quick tool change.
Spindles, by 18.000/up rph speed, allow high speed cutting milling with an high finishing standard.
Automatic pallet-change systems allow mass-production complex moulds, by fully-automated working with a productive cycle 24 hours/clock.
Apego, in addition to these modern working centres, makes use of traditional milling machines, essential to carry out supplementary working onto moulds and Apego’s technicians experience, always the strength of the Company.


The greater part of moulds is tested in Apego directly, in order to supply customer with high quality moulds, suitable to be brought at once into production cycle.
Apego has polyurethane pouring/injection lab machines which allow to mould and test all the soles and direct injected onto upper moulds, press machines for rubber moulding and vertical injection machines for thermoplastic materials.
Apego can test moulds with inserts and moulds composed by different material parts, in order to get an output entirely similar to production one.



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